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Thorough Dog Bathing & Dental Care

For skilled and compassionate groomers who take phenomenal care of your precious pet, choose Clip Dip 'N Fluff Dog Grooming. Based in Syracuse, New York, offer a wide variety of grooming services, including dog dental care, bathing, and nail clipping.
Dog with Groomer - Dog Bathing

Refresh Your Pet

At Clip Dip 'N Fluff Dog Grooming, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile for every pet we see. While many companies only give dogs a simple shampoo, we cater to each animal we see and provide exactly what is needed.

If your dog happens to have a bad skin condition, we use a special shampoo to help him or her. Additionally, we tell you the type of tick and formula shampoos to use for your pet. Our wide range of services includes:

• Bathing
• Grooming
• Nail Clipping
• Spot Shaving
• De-Matting • Ear Cleaning • Teeth Cleaning

Improve Your Dog’s Health

Grooming is a fantastic way to improve the health of your pet. We recommend that dogs should come in every four to eight weeks. To ensure a spot for your pooch, we suggest calling today and scheduling an appointment.

Contact us for the dedicated dog grooming services that your pet deserves.